Get NIF in 3-10 days for €120

You need Portuguese tax number everywhere. And you can do it free on your own if you’re already in Portugal. But if not — attorney will help you for a few clicks!

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👉 Real attorneys

There are many attorneys
doing NIF, you can trust them

👉 Guarantee

You will get NIF with a
password or moneyback

👉 Simple and online

Everything is online, with no
scanning or do something offline

It works in a few-clicks

👉 Just fill-out a form after payment,
👉 upload first page of your passport and utility bill or bank statement with you address
👉 e-sign it and get NIF by e-mail when it’s ready
Get NIF in a week →

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Cool service

Cool website, very useful list of docs. Helped me a lot to prepare for my SEF appointment (D3/90.2) in Portugal, Lisbon.Very prompt and nice support via a chat.Muito obrigado! :)

Kamil Usmanov

December 15, 2022

Inspiring start of service

MigRun looks like the best service for solving my migration issues. I didn’t yet received my residence. However, the preliminary phase is going really well.


December 04, 2022

Great help during immigration

MigRun has the friendliest and most supportive community I've ever seen! Besides of 24h support in chat, they have complete and very useful guides on website, which helps you not only when you start your immigration process, but even after that – tips for those who already came to the new country!

Sergei Belkov

May 25, 2022

Easy immigration with Migrun

Many thanks to Migrun for helping me legalize in Portugal! I found plenty of useful information in absolutely free guides which are really comprehensive and constantly updated. Also, there is a friendly and supportive community in Telegram, which is always ready to help :)

Victoria Lenskaya

September 30, 2022

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