⌛ May 30th, 7pm (CET)

Insider tips and strategies: effortless and budget-friendly relocation to Europe

Get expert advice from experienced consultants, attorneys, fellow emigrants on moving and obtaining citizenship in welcoming countries 🇵🇹 🇪🇸 🇫🇷 🇲🇪 🇩🇪 🇨🇿


Enhanced immigration experience

Discover how to take your first steps towards a new life full of opportunities in a country where you'll be valued.

🌍 How to choose a country
Which EU country is the most welcoming to Indian expats
💰 How to save your money
Why some agencies charge over $5000+, and find out how you can achieve the same results by yourself
💥 How to move for free
Legal requirements and practical tips for a smooth relocation
🚀 10+ ways to move to EU
Which EU country is the most welcoming to Indian expats

Tips how to apply from YOUR country

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🔥 Webinar speakers

Learn from professionals

Elena Lipilina 🇫🇷 🇲🇪 🇩🇪 🇨🇿
Immigration expert
Elena currently resides in Portugal as a startup founder and is committed to helping others to move to the countries where they can live their lives and their potential to the fullest
Irina Degtiareva 🇪🇸
Immigration assistant
Helps to navigate the Visa Maze: choose the right visa type and residence permit in Spain with an overview of the main bureaucratic hurdles.
Vlad Shipilov
Co-founder and CEO Migrun
Moved to Portugal in 2021, 10+ years in management consulting and professional services. 🚀
Daniela C. 🇵🇹
Lawyer and executive analyst
She is a lawyer and an executive analyst with deep expertise in legal consultancy with focus on  immigration matters.
Neetu 🇮🇳
Immigration expert
A certified Chartered Accountant (Finance & Taxation) with 250k Followers on LinkedIn and other social media platforms who works with India's top content producers and financial advisors.
Ram Mahato 🇪🇸
Post Doc Researcher, emigrant
Originally from India now lives in Girona, Spain. Lived in Taiwan and Sweden.
Bharti Ramchandani 🇵🇹
Moved to Portugal from India. Has a popular vlog on building a cultural bridge between Europe and India.

Just 90 minutes, but it will change your life

Discover how to take your first steps towards a new life full of opportunities in a country where you'll be valued. Join us on May 30th, 7pm (CET)!

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