NIF Number in Portugal online


1-15 days

Get NIF in Portugal is required if you want to:

✅ open a bank account
✅ rent an apartment
✅ applying for specific visas, for example, D7 (passive income)
✅ pay taxes and much more

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How it works in Migrun


Service purchase

Pay, and we will send you the form for filling out.


Prepare and scan documents

🏠 Proof of living address (not in Portugal)
Utility bills or bank statements with your full name and address on them work best. It should be PDF file or photo. The document must be in in English or Portuguese.

📷 Copy of passport. Just page with your photo, name and signature. Please make sure that the image quality is good.


Fill out an application

Click the 'Start process' button. Once the application is submitted, it will be forwarded to a lawyer who will initiate the application process on the next business day. If any issues arise, we will reach out to you via the email provided in the application form.

Finançes account password

Once your NIF is ready, we will send it to you along with detailed instructions on how to request a password for your account on the Portuguese tax portal.

Plans for your case

Choose between the regular or urgent option depending on the urgency
Standard NIF
Completely online
Up to 10 business days
Instructions for password request
Personal tracker
Discount 10% if buying 3+  with
promo code NIF10PercentOff
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Urgent NIF
Completely online
Up to 2 business days
Instructions for password request
Personal tracker
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Nif (Portugal fiscal nubmer) and bank account in Portugal
What is Portugal NIF tax ID number?
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This company helped me obtaining NIF and NISS in Portugal. Everything was accomplished remotely while I was in another country. I asked for an expedited process as I was in a hurry, and these guys did their job really well. My experience couldn't be better than this!

Artem Zhivoderov

I highly recommend this service. Over a month, I explored different options for help. Vlad and his team are some of the most client-oriented people among similar companies. They don't impose services. Feel free to ask the CEO on Telegram. Thank you for the NIF and access to a personal account in tax service!


The tracker is very useful if you want to compare several desired countries or visa types in one country. I chose Portugal to move and made a nif through a service at a discount. Everything went smoothly and now I'm waiting for my visa. I plan to contact the realtors offered by the platform, because I trust the quality

Anna Davydova

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NISS / Portuguese Social Security
Get a NISS (Social Security Identification Number) to pay taxes or secure a local job contract
in Portugal.
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