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We have created a personal account with instructions and
a convenient case tracking system. You won't forget or lose anything with VA Spain.

βœ… Unlimited chat with an immigration assistant
βœ… We will guide you step-by-step and answer all your questions
βœ… We know how relocation specifics from 30+ other countries
βœ… 98% success rate on cases and money-back guarantee

We will guide you step-by-step toΒ avoid making mistakes


Check-in consultation with a Spain personal assistant or case-manager

During the consultation, you will thoroughly review your case, discuss strategy, go over the complete document package, explore precautions and preparation plan.


We сreate a unique personal account for you

with a personalized tracker and unlimited chat access with the assistant.


You are preparing documents according to the guide

You have access to a detailed guide with all the instructions for submitting your application from your country (or if you are applying directly from Spain). However, you can clarify with the assistant on how to proceed best in your specific case.


Final check-up of all documents before submission

Before submission, your assistant will carefully review all your documents, help to edit your motivational letter, and provide a detailed overview of what to expect during the visa (or residency) application process.


You can apply for a visa or for a residency permit and relocate

Congratulations! You just have to wait for the approved residency, and we are waiting for it together with you.

Plans for your case

This is an exceptionally beneficial offer for you and your family if you are willing to handle all the preparations independently
Check-up & Submission
1hr consultation
Pre-application documents package proofreading
Autofill documents for free
Submission of a document package with our electronic signature
Free guides
Аpply family member + €90
‍Full Virtual Assistance
Money-back guarantee
One-hour check-in consultation for strategy and step-by-step planning
Pre-application documents package proofreading
Creation of a user account with personal tracker
Submission of a document package with our electronic signature
Guide on fingerprint submission process
Include Autofill Documents
No calls, but unlimited chat
Аpply family member + €90
All-in-one Virtual Assistance
Everything from Virtual assistance
Unlimited consultations for various purpose
Unlimited calls with your assistant
Translations, including jurado
Government fee payment
Concierge service: We handle all tasks that can be completed without your direct involvement.
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What documents do I need if I am self-employed?
What documents do I need if I am an employee?
Do I need to obtain an NIE to apply?
Are there exact timelines for when I will receive the residence card?
What is a 'money-back guarantee'?
What are the differences between various services for applying for a Spanish visa and residency?
Are translations included in the cost?
Is the cost of applying for family members included in the price?
What are the additional expenses?
Do I need to send physical documents anywhere?
For which visas (residency permits) is assistance available?
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I am deeply grateful to Polina for assisting me and my family with our Digital Nomad visa application. We faced a unique situation since my daughter turned 18 last month, leading to additional document requests to verify whether she had her own family. There was also a follow-up inquiry regarding my qualifications and questions related to the company. Polina and the MigRun team quickly helped with the preparation of the necessary documents and wrote explanatory letters. Just a day after responding to the follow-up, we received approval. I highly recommend Polina and the MigRun team for their excellent service.

Siarhei Tamasheuski

I'm incredibly grateful to Polina for assisting me in applying for a Digital Nomad visa for myself and my family. The entire process was seamless and easy to understand. She addressed several questions that had confused me and was immensely helpful when I ran into unexpected challenges at the local print shop. I highly recommend both Polina and the MigRun team.

Ivan Razhnou

I received approval for a 3-year residence permit. My case had a couple of atypical nuances (we got married in Georgia, and my work experience was not straightforward), but Mikhail helped find optimal solutions for each issue. Overall, we managed to gather all the documents in less than a month before the submission deadline. I want to express my gratitude to Mikhail for his persistence, especially in pushing us to obtain a reference from the company and an additional agreement. He responded promptly and clearly, and all the documents went through multiple checks with him. I highly recommend him!

Tatiana Kostareva

What else can we assist with?

Autofill of documents
Fill information in the form and receive up to 7 completed documents required for submission. You'll just need to print and sign them, can you handle it?




10Β Β minutes
Apply online for a residency
Apply for Digital Nomad visa in Spain for a quick and easy residence permit. We'll help verify and upload your documents using a local digital signature




1-10 days
Individual consultation
πŸ‘‰ Choose the visa or RP type
πŸ‘‰ Develop an action plan and strategy
πŸ‘‰ Seek tax consultation
πŸ‘‰ Get info about digital nomad visas
πŸ‘‰ Receive guidance on emigration legal matters
from €30
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