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German Residence Permit 🇩🇪 from €390 in 6 months

Personal account with document examples and a step-by-step plan
Unlimited chat and consultations with a personal case manager
We'll answer all your questions and support you at every step
We'll assist with the application, accompany you to immigration
Provide a payroll company as an employer in Germany
Residence permit for skilled workers (Blue Card)

This is a residence permit for specialists who have a job offer (or payroll company) in Germany with an annual salary of at least €58,400. If you're in IT, the minimum is €45,552 per year or €3,800 per month.

Ideal for any IT specialists and professionals
Granted for the contract duration or up to 4 years
Requires affiliation with a company (payroll companies are acceptable)
Experience verification is necessary
Visa first, then a seamless transition to a residence permit
We'll assist you in applying from any country
Residence Permit for Freelancers and Remote Workers

Need to find 2-3 service clients in Germany who can provide a pre-contract and prove work experience. Suitable for almost any profession where freelancing is possible. But it takes time

For IT professionals, consultants, managers, engineers
Valid for two years
Need clients within Germany
Consulates are cautious and verify pre-contracts
First, you get the visa, then the residence permit
Must demonstrate income, or it won't be renewed
We'll help you apply from any country

How does it work?


Initial Consultation and Account Creation

During the consultation, we'll delve into your case, devise a strategy, discuss the comprehensive document package, risk mitigation, and formulate a preparation plan with all deadlines.

Duration: 1-1.5 hours for the consultation, 1 day for guide creation.


Chat with a consultant and document preparation:

You'll have unlimited access to a chat where your personal case manager (VA Germany) will answer all your questions, help you prepare, check and proofread documents, provide instructions, and share document examples. In the premium package, we'll handle most paperwork and interactions with consulates and immigration services for you.

Document preparation takes approximately 1-3 months, and submission occurs 3 months later


Visa submission and approval:

Before submission, the case manager thoroughly reviews all documents, assists in editing them, and provides instructions for your consulate visit.

Сonsulate processing time ranges from 1.5 to 8 weeks


Arrival in Germany and Applying for Residence Permit:

After arriving in Germany, you'll have six months to a year to register with the immigration office and complete any outstanding document requirements.

For the Blue Card, you receive 2-3 pay slips from your employer, and for the freelancer visa, you need them from client companies.

The entire residence permit process takes an average of 5-6 months.


Residence Permit Granted: Time to Celebrate! 😉

Congratulations! Now all you have to do is wait for the approved residence permit, and we're eagerly awaiting it with you.

Do It Yourself or With an Expert

You can use our free guides and do everything yourself, or you can reach out to us for assistance, and we'll be happy to guide you through the process and provide support.

All Documents in One Place

You will have a personal dashboard with unlimited chat access to an expert, consultations, a personal guide, and convenient forms for uploading documents.

Personal Detailed Guide

If you are applying with our support, we compile a guide that reflects all the details for the country from which you are applying and the steps for your case.

All that you need until you get a residence permit

Unlimited communication in the chat with a Germany personal assistant and immigration case manager, document preparation according to the guide, and tracking the process in the tracker.

Work legally in Germany and get the Blue Card

For those who don't have an employer in Germany yet, we have a payroll company. Your employer can sign a contract with us, and we will officially pay your salary and taxes in Germany.

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Average experience of lawyers and consultants on the platform
Monthly users and clients
Up to 10 times cheaper than Russian-speaking agencies and with refusal insurance
In our communities focused on Spain and Portugal, we have more than 15,000 participants


You can prepare on your own, purchase access to unlimited chat with a personal case manager who will guide you through the process and assist with document generation. Alternatively, you can opt for a complete end-to-end service, but it comes at a higher cost.
Consultation and Check-up
Verification and feedback on all documents before submission in two iterations
One-hour consultation to prepare for the submission
Workspace with a guide and document storage all in one place
You can also purchase a chat with a case manager or several additional iterations
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Full Virtual Assistance
Unlimited chat with a personal case manager
Consultation for a detailed action plan and checklist
Verification and feedback on all documents at every stage
Personal account with a personalized guide
Examples of documents, contracts, motivation letters, and other materials
Moral support throughout the entire process :)
Available until the receipt of the residence permit
50% refund guarantee or free residence permit in Spain
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Premium: All-Inclusive
Everything from Virtual Assistance
Unlimited consultations
All translations into German
Appointments with the consulate and immigration service
Accompaniment to the immigration service
Concierge service: We do what can be done for you.
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Do you want to receive a detailed guide for independent relocation?

Do you want to receive a detailed guide for independent relocation? We will prepare and send you a free guide that will help you prepare for emigration on your own without overpaying agencies✌️

Thanks for subscribing! As soon as the guide to Germany is ready, we will inform you about it  ❤️
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Прекрасная консультация, как с точки зрения полноты информации, так и с дружелюбной открытой обстановкой. Обсудили как юридические аспекты, так и менее формальное общее впечатления о жизни в Германии. На свои вопросы я получил ответы, и круто что Владимир не только консультирует, но и сопровождает процесс от 0 к 1.


Очень нестандартный кейс по визе номада помогла нам разрулить Ирина, за что ей огромное спасибо!! Все четко, ясно-понятно, вовремя. Ирина ответила на 100500 наших вопросов, развеяла все сомнения, помогла с подготовкой и проверкой документов, всегда была с нами на связи (даже в выходные и по вечерам) и в итоге мы имеем одобрение через 20 дней после подачи и успешно закрытый дозапрос!

Alexander Zaytsev

Получили одобрения по заявке на Digital Nomad на меня и жену. Весь путь нас сопровождала Ирина, когда еще были весной в Турции, взяли консультацию и определились с примерной стратегией. Далее, после получения шенгена, собрали все документы по гайду, а Ирина все проверила и поправила в нескольких критичных местах. Далее еще одна проверка перед подачей, ожидание результата, молниеносная и четкая работа по двум неожиданным дозапросам, и вот мы счастливые обладатели ВНЖ. Ирина прекрасный специалист, все четко,и по делу. Спасибо и огромные рекомендации всем!

Dmitry Andreev
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