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The most immigrants-friendly country with 7+ ways to move for digital nomads, passive income holders, professionals and families from $250
Get a 2-year EU residency and apply for a citizenship in 5 years
Step-by-step and fully digital support for your unique case
3000+ cases, 100% money-back guarantee
100+ immigration professionals database
Free self-preparation options with detailed guides

100+ verified attorneys and assistants database. Reduce risks and feel safe.

We believe you can handle emigration your own. But if you need help — just talk to professionals. We select attorneys and experts with the best experience and cases‍

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Prepare on your own or get our support with a 100% refund guarantee.

Simplifying immigration to Portugal and relocation with tech in 2024. A professional consultant and lawyers by your side based on thousands of cases and your specifics.


Free Self-Guide and
Marketplace Expert Help

free guides
consultations starting at €20

Our philosophy — we believe you don't actually need us or hand-holders to get residency anywhere. The key is knowing what to do and in what order.

Free templates, check-lists, detailed guides, and tips
100+ experts, lawyers, and consultants
Buy targeted consultations on our expert marketplace

MigRun's Virtual Assistance:
step-by-step full support

full assistance from €1090
documents review for €250

Personalized step-by-step support from a professional case manager in your personal account, guiding you until you receive your residence permit and relocate.

Dedicated case manager and personal account
Customized personal guide and checklists
Delegate the bureaucracy to us where possible
Money-back guarantee or free re-submission
Unlimited chat with an immigration expert
Bureaucracy-free: auto-fill up to 70% of boring paperwork.
Your language, tailored to your home country specifics

Virtual Assistance in Portugal:
Tailored step-by-step support for your case

We're with you every step. Our platform combines our extensive experience and hundreds of cases. Plus, your money is protected if things don't work out.

We help you choose the right Portugal's visa
Consider budget, family circumstances, and country of origin
Nomads, passive income earners, professionals, or anyone...
If it seems like there are no options — we'll find them
Set up your personal dashboard and check-lists on our platform

On our platform, stay organized with guides, chats, consultations, and documents. Nothing gets lost.

All tasks, documents, and deadlines in one place
With notifications, you won't forget or lose anything
Delegate bureaucracy to us with auto-filling of tedious forms
Unlimited chat and consultations with professionals

You'll have your own experienced case manager (consultant) who will focus on the countries you're moving to and from.

Notifications via Telegram and email
We'll select the best from 100+ professionals
Ask anything about your case anytime you want
Personal detailed guide with templates and examples

You will always know what to do and in what order.

All steps are specifically tailored to your case
Comprehensive instructions with templates, examples of letters, certificates, and documents.
We'll double-check and submit documents for you where possible
We proofread all contracts, letters, and documents
In some countries, we'll submit all documents on your behalf
If you're submitting independently, we'll ensure everything runs smoothly, and you receive approval!

reasonable prices

Choose the plan that fit your case

You can pay for the entire assistance, or you can prepare for the visa application by yourself with our guides

Once document package review
Free guides
Checklist with expert revisions
and recommendations
Add an additional review for €60
Add a consultation for €40
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"Full Virtual Assistance"
One-hour check-in consultation for strategy and step-by-step planning
Unlimited chat with your case-manager
Pre-application package proofreading
Personalalised user account
Personalised guide and check-lists
Consulate or VFS appointment
Motivation letter review
Your language support
Access to a licensed attorney
through your case manager
3 months of same-day chat support included, than 190/month
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"All-in-one Virtual Assistance"
Everything from Virtual assistance
Unlimited calls and consultations
Concierge service: We handle all tasks that can be completed without your direct involvement.
2 hours max chat responses
Motivational letter editing
Completing all boring forms for you
Completing the NHR application
NIF for the main applicant
NISS for the main applicant
Self-employment registration
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Our customer stories and statistics

We understand through experience that relocating international professionals is a complicated process. Our aim is to simplify immigration, eliminating obstacles so  as to effortlessly unite your global team.

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6+ years
Average experience of lawyers and consultants on the platform
Cases handled since the platform's inception
Success-rate across all countries and visa types
Monthly users of our guides

Migrun helped me to move to Portugal in 2023. Lawyers on the platform were great, overall assistance was also helpful and supportive.
The whole process from the start of docs preparation until getting a resident permit card took about 7-8 months. Not very fast, but this is how Portugal works - everybody is relaxed and you are kinda getting used to it 😁
Highly recommended!

Moved to Portugal with the help of Migran!All the staff I worked with were incredibly responsive and went above and beyond my expectations. It's great that they don't push their services, and instead show you how to achieve the same results for free using their guides. This way, I can turn to their assistance only when I'm unsure or simply want to save my own time.

I've got my Portugal residence permit within 5 months.I've started looking for the relocation options last year. Portugal looked like the best choice. MigRun has an extensive knowledge base on their site, managers are helpful and the process was smooth.Highly recommended.

Why choose Portugal as a second home?
... so - the people come first. They're open, they're not harmful, and they're somewhat helpful. The second thing is simplicity. There aren't many places in the world where people act not because it's written in the rules but because of how they feel. And the third is the ocean. For those who love surfing or yachting
Kirill Umrihin
How did you end up in Portugal?
My focus is to get the residency so I can visit my family in Brazil and pick up my things in Barcelona.
Trevor Kenskevyz

Why moving to Portugal? Taxes, nature, low cost of living and community

The most immigrants-friendly country with 7+ ways to move for freelancers, nomads, startups, professionals and families
Special tax for IT professionals
Starting in 2024, startup professionals enjoy a tax rate of only around 20%.
#3 world passport in 5 Years
Request a citizenship exceptionally fast for EU. This passport is dual, and one of the strongest in the world
Nature and freedom
Diverse landscapes, ocean, cliffs, surfing, and a sense of complete freedom
Cost of living
Portugal offers one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, especially outside of Lisbon.
Immigrant-friendly community
Many locals speak good English and have a welcoming attitude towards expats and immigrants.

Created by immigrants for immigrants

Our entire team is made up of immigrants. Founders, consultants, designers, marketers. Even 80% of immigration lawyers and consultants on the marketplace have experienced immigration at least once in their lives.
That's why we understand very well what you're about to go through and have made our service convenient for bold individuals like you!
Vlad Shipilov
Founder & CEO
12 years in consulting in corporate innovations, Talent, and Training & Development, with a track record in top international firms.
Sergey Kotlov
Founder & CTO
18 years in IT product development, HR, and corporate training

All services you need to move to Portugal 🇵🇹 with a few clicks

Everything you need to move to Portugal. Automated services with a guarantee and without bureaucracy

All services →
NIF / Tax number
Having a NIF is essential if you want to open a bank account, rent an apartment, pay taxes, and engage in various other activities


The best way to start your Portugal journey is with a personalized consultation. Clear answers to your questions and valuable guidance, no unnecessary information.
from €40
Choose a plan
Document double-checking
Double-check your application, documents, and motivation letter with us! Ensure everything is in order for a successful applying. Any visa or residency type.


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We are a community of experts and immigrants

 In our communities, immigrants share experiences and communicate with experts. Over 30,000 people have already joined our groups; join us too!
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