Move and earn

Join MigRun's Affiliate Program and earn up to $600 per client
Refer our services to your friends and followers
Earn up to $600 from one referral sale
There’s no limit to how much you can earn
Receive $10 in your account when you sign up

No need to crunch numbers! Just refer, and we'll take care of the rest!

We offer three main products: Document Verification, Virtual Assistance, and Premium Virtual Assistance, each with a fixed payout per client.

Our marketplace also includes services like tax numbers with variable payouts up to 7% and discounts for your referrals
Virtual Assistance (VA) or Check-up
$280 per сlient
The most popular product
Full Virtual Assistance: $280
Check-up (documents review): $50
Virtual Assistance
$450 per сlient
The most profitable product
Premium VS: $450
Payroll: $800
All Other Services
(per purchase)
7% up to 500€
5% over 500€
The client also gets 7% off their first purchase
Consultations, tax numbers, and other low-cost services

How it works in Migrun

1. Join the Affiliate Program

Become our partner — just sign up 👉 here


2. Share your links through your channels or with friends

Share your unique affiliate link through your channels. You’ll have access to our Affiliates Resource Center to control everything you earned


3. Earn revenue for every sale via your link

Once the client pays, you'll get your earnings, whether it's for assistance, expert services, or any other product


4. Withdraw commission once you reach 200$

Withdraw your commission into your bank account at the beginning of each month. We offer affiliate payments in 5 different currencies

For clients and individuals:
recoup your emigration costs by bringing in just 3 clients!
Average monthly earnings: 800-3,000 dollars.
Join the affiliate program
For platforms and companies:
earn up to 9,000€ per month by recommending us
Average monthly earnings: 3,000-9,000 dollars.
Join the affiliate program
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