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Guide: Opportunity Card for Germany 🇩🇪

Opportunity card or Chancenkarte allows qualified professionals to seek permanent work in Germany. You need to score 6 points on various parameters to get a visa for a year. However if you have a diploma recognized in Germany, you do not need to gain points! But for any scenario you must provide funds for living in Germany - 12,324 euros for a year.

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Summary Snapshot

Requirements for Germany opportunity card

  • Funds of 12,324 euros on a blocked account or a financial guarantee
  • University and specialization of a higher education diploma in the Anabin database
  • OR 6 points (language, work experience and education, age, connections with Germany)

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FAQ about visa

Turnaround time
Turnaround time:
1-2 months
Visa period
Residence length:
1 year with possible prolongation for 1-2 year more
Required funds
12,324 euros (year)
Expenses for preparing:
No family reunion
Possibility to work in Germany
Possibility to work:
Up to 20 hours per week or two-week internship while you are looking for a permanent job
If you receive a full-time job offer, the visa is converted into a work residence permit without leaving Germany

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Chancenkarte is a way to stay in Germany for up to 12 months to find a job.

If your university and diploma are in the special database - Anabin - you receive the visa and welcome to Germany! If not, then you need to score more than 6 points based on different parameters - qualifications, language skills, work experience, age, connections with Germany.

While you are looking for a full-time job, you can work part-time up to 20 hours a week or complete a two-week probation period (unlimited). Once you have found a permanent job, you need to apply for a residence permit to work, which opens the way to obtaining German permanent residence and citizenship. Also you can switch to the chance card from study visa types, including a language visa or work activity (from paragraph 16 to 21).

Regardless of your diploma and education, you need to have 12,324 euros for a year. The funds can be shown either in a blocked account, or you can use a financial guarantee from relatives or friends in Germany with a permanent job, who take full responsibility for your support. A contract for a part-time job also can be a financial guarantee.

There is no a family reunion but if both parents apply for an Opportunity card - they can take children with them.

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Step-by-step guide

Germany Opportunity Card check list 2024

  • Application for submission to the consulate or VFS
  • Passport and copy of pages with a personal data
  • (and/or) higher education diploma and extract from Anabin database (with/without apostille - depends on a consulate)
  • (and/or) documents confirming work experience
  • Motivation letter - your detailed plan for your stay in Germany
  • Funds in a blocked account or a finance guarantee
  • Printout of Self-Check results from the Make-it-in-Germany portal
  • Autobiography for the last 10 years
  • Ceriticate of no criminal records if required by a consulate
  • Medical insurance
  • Marrige certificate with apostille and certified translation (if a spouse apply for a visa too with his or her package)
  • Birth certificate with apostille and certified translation (if both parents apply for a visa)

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Migrun is the greatest service for relocation – I have received my residence permit in Spain as a digital nomad in less than 1.5 months – from initiation to approval. The best thing about Migrun – they have many affordable solutions combined with lots of free guides, so you get the best value for your money. Plus you never feel pressured to pay more than you really need. Which is truly the mission of the company – to make relocation affordable, transparent and easy. Special thanks to Irina Degtyareva for helping with my case and questions! Looking forward to work with the Migrun team further. Many thanks!

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My immigration to Portugal wouldn't happen if not for Migrun. First, they have a LOT of free guides of how to collect documents for different visas and residency types + a great chat with a lot of immigrants sharing their experience. A year ago it was a very simple website and a chat of a couple thousands - now an extensive platform and a family of useful chats on Portugal the largest being 10K people. I have collected all documents for D7 visa with their help for free.Later I changed my mind and decided to apply for residency as highly-qualified professional from inside of Portugal and did so with a great help of Migrun. Today I have received my residency card.Business with emphatic approach - unlike many other immigration services who just try to rip you off using your lack of knowledge.All people in Migrun have always been friendly, honest and trying to do their best.

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