Documents check-up before Portugal 🇵🇹 visa or residence permit application


2-3 days

This service is suitable if you've gathered  all the necessary documents and require:

✅ Professional document review & proofreading
✅ Suitable for Digital Nomad Visa, D7, Student Visa, D3/90.2, 89.2
✅ An expert will review your documents as if they were from SEF or the consulate in your country

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How it works in Migrun?


Document preparation

You should have all your documents fully prepared and translated into Portuguese or provide the originals in English. You can find detailed requirements in our free guides


Buying this service

Within 24 hours, the expert who will be reviewing your documents will contact you via email


Uploading documents to Google Drive

We suggest having all the necessary documents to improve your chances of a successful residence application

We'll review the documents once and provide recommendations on what to change or add

We recommend assembling the most comprehensive document package possible to increase your chances of successfully obtaining the desired visa or residency.


Great job! You'll update the documents and submit them to SEF or the consulate

Please, follow our recommendations closely. This way, you will be confident in your document package, and your application will have a better chance of success.


An additional check-up

If you need an additional check after making corrections, it will cost 60€.


Consultation before or after

If you need to discuss your documents online, either before or after the check-up, you can schedule a consultation with a specialist


This is an incredibly advantageous opportunity for you
if you're willing to manage all the preparations independently.
Once document package review
Checklist with expert revisions
and recommendations
Free guides
Add an additional review for €60
Add a consultation for €40
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Full Virtual Assistance
Money-back guarantee
One-hour check-in consultation for strategy and step-by-step planning
Pre-application documents package proofreading
Creation of a user account with personal tracker
Consulate appointment (some countries)
Editing of the motivation letter
Your language and country specifics
Access to a licensed attorney
through your case manager
No calls, but unlimited chat
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Does the document check-ip include the whole family pack?
Does the document check include a consultation?
Can I have one more check-up after making corrections?
Can I upload documents that are not final?
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Everything was professional. Aleksandra answered all my questions and reviewed my case. Thank you!


Aleksandra checked my documents very carefully. I forgot some information so we had started the process many months ago, but she patiently repeated answers to my questions all the time. In generalshe kept in touch with me when I needed.

Iuliia Motina

From the moment I reached out, Victoria guided me through every step of the process with expertise and professionalism. Her attention to detail, knowledge of the local regulations, and unwavering support were truly outstanding. Thanks to her assistance, I had answers to all of my questions.

Daria Zima

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