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Work in Portugal legally for a foreign employer or client and get an art. 90.2 residence permit 🇵🇹

As an agent, we hire you in Portugal to work for your employer in another country. You work officially, pay taxes, and get a residence permit in Portugal if you want. You need a diploma and 3-5+ years work experience

We hire you in Portugal

It’s an official job contract with Portugal company

We pay taxes and salary

Your employer pays taxes and wages through our company

Get D3 or residence permit 90.2

You can apply for a residence permit under Article 90.2 (optional). Attorneys will help.

Check criteria if you can use this way

You have a higher or college degree diploma / education
Or a mid- and long-term professional education. It should match with you occupation
Hiring request outside of Portugal
You must have an employer or corporate client outside of Portugal
You have three to five years of work experience
and you have to be able to prove it by contracts or another ways
Read how to proove in FAQ →
Fit into occupation categories for a high qualified specialist
Almost all occupation in IT, general management, finance are suitble.
All criteria is here →

Step by step process

Step #1 — Interview with us
Go through the interview process to see if you qualify for the high-qualification program. This is an important step in which we need to assess your qualifications and good intentions.
Step #2 — Pay for SEF appointment, NIF, and NISS
You can do it all yourself for free with our guides, but if you want, an assistant can help you sign up, file your taxes, and obtain your social security numbers. This service will cost 350 euros, which will be included in the total amount contracted.
Step #3 — Contracting with your employer and you
Once you have NIF and NISS, we will prepare two contracts: the first one with your foreign employer or client for hiring, and the second one for hiring you at our Portuguese office. Our lawyers have designed comprehensive contracts and documentation, which we will send to you and your employer for approval.
Step #4 — Payments
Your employer or client should pay your taxes, salary, and our 10% monthly commission by the 10th of each month.

If you plan to legalize under Article 90.2 in Portugal, you must start making payments 1-3 months before applying to the SEF.

For example, for a salary of 1800€ (with taxes) a month, the payment is 2453€, of which 955€ are taxes. The remaining salary will be transferred to your EU bank account when it becomes available.
Step #5 — Find an apartment and start to prepare docs
While you are waiting to apply to the SEF, you must find housing with an official lease for at least a year and prepare documents that prove your qualifications and education, as described in the guide.
Step #6 — Prepare for an application to the SEF
On the correct date, you can apply for a residence permit under 90.2 at SEF. If you meet all the criteria, you do not have to spend money on a lawyer and can apply on your own.

In a perfect scenario
- your diploma and profession should match, be apostilled, and translated into Portuguese in Portugal.
- you should also provide proof of at least 3-5 years of experience, 2-3 paid salaries (recibos), and social security payments.

In all other cases, we recommend bringing a lawyer with you. SEFs can vary in their requirements, and you could be assessed by an employee who is not familiar with the law.

At SEF, they will scan your documents and provide you with confirmation of acceptance. After that, you will wait for your residence permit card. Sometimes, they may ask for additional documents, but this occurs in only 1% of cases. You can find the entire list of requirements with examples in the tracker. →
Step #7 — Family reunion
While you are waiting to apply to the SEF, you must find housing with an official lease for at least a year and prepare documents proving your qualifications and education as described in the guide.

Assisted, checked and supported by platform attorneys and experts?

We have invested thousands of dollars and time in this program to get a full legal assessment from 10+ attorneys and immigration assistants. Here are some of them.


You can choose a contract or buy an assistance for 90.2 with an attorney
Only contracting
+ monthly payments for a salary and taxes
+ monthly €200 for bureaucracy
We will conclude an agreement in Portugal with your foreign employer or corporate client and you, so you can work legally in Portugal
NIF (tax number)
NISS (social security)
SEF/ Consulate appointment  акщь €250
Extra: bank account from €350
Contracting + Assistance
+ monthly payments for a salary + taxes
+ monthly commission of 10% of salary
Contract in Portugal with your foreign employer or clients and you, + we take you by the hand through the 90.2 legalization process
Full moneyback guarantee
Agent contracting in Portugal
Monthly payments process
Unlimited chat with an assistant and one attorneys’ consultations
NIF (tax number) and NISS (social security)
Extra: SEF with attorney from €250
Extra: Atividade from €250
Extra: chat 3+ months €190/month
Only 90.2 Legal Assistance
If you already have an employer in Portugal, we will take you by the hand through the legalization process
Full moneyback guarantee
One hour check-in consultation for strategy and step-by-step planning
Pre-application documents package proofreading and editing
Unlimited chat with an assistant
Extra: NIF (tax number) €89
Extra: NISS (social security) €99


Is it legal?
Can you enter into a contract with anyone who wants to?
And what if the employer doesn't want to sign a contract and pay through an agent?
Will I be able to quit a job as soon as I get my residence permit?
What is the minimum salary to request a residence permit?
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Cool website, very useful list of docs. Helped me a lot to prepare for my SEF appointment (D3/90.2) in Portugal, Lisbon.Very prompt and nice support via a chat.Muito obrigado! :)

Kamil Usmanov

Inspiring start of service
MigRun looks like the best service for solving my migration issues. I didn’t yet received my residence. However, the preliminary phase is going really well.


Easy immigration with Migrun
Many thanks to Migrun for helping me legalize in Portugal! I found plenty of useful information in absolutely free guides which are really comprehensive and constantly updated. Also, there is a friendly and supportive community in Telegram, which is always ready to help :)

Victoria Lenskaya

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