Move and earn

Every third immigrant is looking for additional sources of income.
We've come up with 9 ways to recoup your emigration by helping others
to move and adapt in a new country
9 ways to earn with us
choose as many options from the list as you like, and start to earn
Easy withdrawal
Get a payout as soon as you accumulate $200

Share guides
and earn

7% of profit

👉 get a referral link
👉 share it in chats or direct messages
👉 get 7% of every purchase
👉 give 7% discount to every customer
👉 20€ bonus

Get a link
60+ partners

Become an ambassador and earn

15% of profit

👉 tell about us in public
👉 share a personal link
👉 get our merch
👉 help us to make our project better

Join us
20+ ambassadors
on 2023

Talk and share your
experience to earn

up to $50 per session

Have you already moved? Share your experience and tips with new immigrants and nomads. You can’t give legal advice, but you can share what you know.

Correct mistakes
and tips in guides

$10 for for an addition

Improve our guides. Report us a mistake, add tips or examples of documents.

👉 find some content mistake
👉 prove it’s a mistake (law or experience)
👉 get $10 if we add a change

Create new guides
and earn

up to $1,000 per guide

Create guides about how to get residence
in the country you moved to.

👉 create a detailed guide
👉 share cases and get attorneys' approve
👉 earn money for sharing your guide

Assistance and concierge service

up to $100 per service

Become an assistant and provide concierge service for immigrants.

👉 help to talk with government services
👉 help to adapt in a new country
👉 help to solve bureaucratic problems

Write in our blog, share ideas and earn

up to $150 per post

Share your ideas and experience with the community of immigrants and digital nomads around the world.

👉 write articles and posts
👉 make money on each
👉 talk about yourself and your services

Develop TG or FB community and earn

up to $1K per months

We can sponsor your channel or chat, even if it's small but useful for immigrants and digital nomads.

👉 receive money each month
👉 we give you an expert to answer subscribers' questions

a country leader

from $1,5K per month

You've moved to another country and know well all details about the immigration process? Become our partner and earn money on your knowledge.

👉 create guides and instrustion
👉 find and work with experts
👉 be a part of MigRun's core team