How to apply for Spain Digital Nomad Visa

What documents do you need to apply for Spain Digital Nomad Visa and What Are the Requirements for Spain Digital Nomad Visa
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May 24, 2023

Since January 2023, Spain has begun issuing residence permits for digital nomads. You can get a residence permit if you work remotely with a monthly income of 2520 € or more.

This residence permit is also suitable for those working for a company under an employment contract and freelancers. There is no limit on the field: you do not have to work in an IT company. 

Sales manager, online school producer, video engineer, and social media specialist. What else can you do remotely? 

An important point: you must work for a foreign company outside Spain. You can also work for a Spanish company, but there is a "but": only if the percentage of income from this activity does not exceed 20% of the total professional training.

Where to apply?

Option 1. In Spain

You can enter Spain even with a tourist visa (legally) and apply for a residence permit in the UGE for three years. Then you can extend your residence permit for two years.

Option 2. In your country. 

On March 31, 2023, you can apply for Digital Nomad at the Spanish Consulate in your country of citizenship or residence permit. The visa will be issued for one year. You can apply for a three-year residence permit two months before it expires.

Main requirements

👉 Make at least 200% of Spain's monthly minimum wage(SMI) ~2520€.

👉 Type of income: remote work (freelance or work contract).

👉 You must be employed by a non-Spanish company (or companies, for freelancers) for at least three months prior to your application. The company must be at least a year old.

👉 Any additional income made within Spain cannot exceed 20% of your total salary

👉 You can be absent for no more than six months in a year.

👉 You can bring your family (spouse, children up to 18, financially dependent parents). If you are moving with your family, the financial requirements for monthly income will be higher.

Document requirements when applying within Spain

👉 Be legally present in Spain.

👉 Have valid health insurance in Spain (if you work as employee).

👉 Have no criminal record in Spain and in the country/countries where you have lived in the last 2 years

What if you apply as a family?

The basis of the calculation for the financial guarantee is the SMI (Salario Mínimo Interprofesiona), the minimum wage in Spain. In 2023 it is 1260 € per month.

  • per main applicant, an amount that is 200% of the minimum wage (SMI) per month – 2520 € or more.
  • per second adult family member – at least 75% of SMI – 945 €.
    for a child – 25% of SMI – 315 €.

In total, for a family of 3 you need to confirm - 3780€ per month (before taxes). These amounts can be confirmed by a contract, bank statement, certificate of employment.
Irina Degtiareva, immigration assistant

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Can you leave Spain if you apply online?

The documents are submitted online, but you must simultaneously be in a different country.

This also applies to family members: they must be in Spain at the time of application. 

After filing, you can leave. And then return after approval to obtain a residence permit card.

Step by step

Step 1. Scans of all pages of the passport stamped entering Spain

Step 2. A certificate of no criminal record with an apostille from the countries where you have lived for the last two years

Step 3. Pay the fee

You must with NRC form **790 038** Taca de Modelo 790 (Modelo 790 038, 73.26€) digital signature required for this website.

If you apply from Spain you will need a digital signature to first generate the forms for the fee here. You can text us and we will help!

Step 4. Form MI-T

The instruction is here. You must sign it and scan after that. Your signature must be the same as in your passport.

Step 5. Provide a valid employment contract or self-employment registration certificate
that is more than 3 months old. Preferably, it should be open-ended.

What documents may be required

  • Employment contractA contract concluded at least three months ago with a company/group of companies (or similar agreement) located outside Spain
  • Service contract, if you are self-employedA contract concluded at least three months ago with an overseas company (not Spanish)

These documents must be translated into Spanish (a reverso level translator can do it).

Step 6. Confirmation that you work for a well-established company that has been in existence for more than 1 year (a public registry statement will do)

What documents may be accepted:

  • Self-employed person or contractor

You are required to confirm if the companies you have a contract with were registered at least one year ago at the time of application.

  • For an employee

Proof that you work for a stable company that has been in existence for more than 1 year. This can be the constitution of the company. For example Obtain an extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / USRLE (you may use the "Provision of information from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities / USRLE on a particular legal entity / individual entrepreneur in the form of an electronic document" service or an extract from the Company's House.

Step 7. A letter from the company with a remote work permit.

It must also include the company name, position, date of contract, amount of payment (in USD and euros), term of contract and explicit permission to work remotely, including work in Spain. Translate to Spanis.

Step 8. CV including your professional experience and the achievements.

A copy of the diploma (if the speciality is the same as the current position) or proof of work experience in the speciality.

Step 9. Diploma

If your education is relevant to your work. With a translation to Spanish by a sworn-translator.

Step10. Certificate of insurance coverage in Spain (social security).

Step 11. Spanish health insurance. (Not required in the case of social security registration).

In Spain, you have to take out public or private health insurance. Tourist insurance is not accepted.  You must be insured for the duration of your residence permit, and you can pay quarterly or annually in advance. The policy must not have additional payments at the expense of the insured person (sin copago). (from 50 € per month).

Step 12. The proof of you being legally in Spain (for the applications within the country)

It must also include the company name, position, date of contract, amount of payment (in USD and euros), term of contract and explicit permission to work remotely, including work in Spain. Translate to Spanis.

Every foreign document must be translated to Spanish.

You have to be in Spain to apply and be here at the time of application. Legally. In other words, the visa must be valid and the 90/180 stay must not have expired. If you enter the EU via Spain then make sure that the Spanish stamp in your passport is clear. Just in case, keep your boarding passes as proof of arrival.

If Spain is not the 1st entry to Shengen zone, you should provide the declaration of entry to Spain. You can get in police station in airport or in Commisaria Provincial in few days after arrival.‍How do you get a declaración de entrad a?Go to the airport police and obtain a "declaración de entrada " (within 72 hours)

Or if you didn't arrive by plane, or for some reason didn't get a declaration at the airport you can go to a police station in the city.

If you come by car Spain you can make declarations here (Barcelona).

The marriage certificate and the criminal record certificate must also be apostilled (European certificates do not need to be apostilled).‍


For each family member has to submit this form and the following documents:

  • A scan of all pages of your passport.
  • Form MI-F - Familiar
  • Printed, signed in pen, signed as in passport
  • Paid fee 790 038
  • Marriage certificate (jurado translation) (and declaration of the validity of the marriage. The declaration that the marriage is still valid is filled in and signed by the funder (about his/her partner)
  • Birth certificate for the child (jurado translation)
  • Spanish health insurance (Partner has to be listed on the main applicant's insurance form)
  • Certificate of criminal records. For those who are over 18. (apostille, jurado translation).
  • Proof of legal entry to Spain (Stamp, visa or entry declaration).
  • Power of Attorney

Power of attorney for each family member if the nomad uploads with his signature.

In the case of a child Signed by hand of the parent indicated on the child's form under Representante Legal, en su caso.


Apply here: link.

  • 1st step: Choose Alta Solicitud
  • 2nd step: Authenticate with the digital certificate.
  • 3rd step: Click Solicitud (Inicial, Renovada o Prorrogada)
  • 4th step: Fill the form the same way as MI-T and attach all the documents.

Numero De referencia. You must get this number when you pay the FEE. It is essential for the application.

Do you have to have an NIE number and digital certificate to upload? No, it is not necessary and it is not worth the time. The NIE number is not issued unnecessarily and can only be obtained once processing has started. Also, the NIE number by itself will not help you in your everyday life. The only exception may be if you obtain an NIE number from the police at the airport. Anyone with an electronic signature can upload documents.If you don't have time for all the red tape, I recommend uploading documents by proxy. You can ask a friend with a certificate. You can write to us at Migran:)
Irina Degtiareva, immigration assistant

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