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Individual immigration visa consultation for
moving to Portugal 🇵🇹

from €50

from 30 min

The ideal way to kickstart your Portugal journey is through a personalized consultation with an expert. No unnecessary information, only clear responses to your queries and valuable guidance.

— Help you select the right visa or residency option
— Create a step-by-step action plan and strategy
— Offer solutions for intricate situations

✅ This will be credited towards the payment when
you choose the Virtual Assistance package

How it works in Migrun


Choose a time that suits you best

Please make sure to consider the time zone when picking your appointment time. You can make changes or cancel the consultation up to 24 hours prior to the scheduled time.


At the time, simply click on the link in the email

The email containing the details will be sent to your email right after you complete the purchase of the consultation.


Pay attention and ask questions

Be sure to have a notepad and pen ready to ensure you capture all the important information.


After the consultation, you'll receive a personalized summary

The summary will encompass essential details, helpful links, and a checklist for your upcoming steps.

What options do we have?

The consultation is suitable for any type of visa or residency:
Digital Nomad Visa, Student Visa (D4), Startup or Business Visa, Passive Income Visa (D7), High-Qualified Professional (D3/90.2), when applying from within as a self-employed individual or an employee (89.2/88.2).
30 min PRO consultation
An expert with more extensive experience
Assist with selecting the type of visa
Discuss the application strategy
We'll offer solutions for complex cases
Provide moral support
Brief summary after the consultation
We will include it in the Virtual assistance package
60 min consultation
An expert with more extensive experience
Assist with selecting the type of visa
Discuss the application strategy
We'll thoroughly analyze a complex case
Provide moral support
Detailed checklist after the consultation

Оплатить картой банка РФ

🔥 Внимание!
Оплата работает в тестовом режиме в течение 3-х недель.

✅ Для оплаты отсканируй QR-код камерой телефона
✅ Стоимость 30 мин консультации - 5000 руб., 1 ч - 8000 руб.
✅ Напиши в чат на сайте "Я оплатил консультацию" и пришли скриншот оплаты
✅ Мы дадим ссылку на календарь для бронирования даты и времени

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Which consultations will be included in the cost when purchasing assistance?
What's the difference between 30 min and 30 min Pro?
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I was so nervous about moving to Portugal and was almost going to quit my consultancy business from the amount of information, misinformation, vague process, and ridiculous overcharging of lawyers for what turned out to be a simple straightforward process. Victoria was super professional very friendly and patient with her expertise she changed my mind and convinced me to move forward with confidence and I AM. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!


I had a long process of getting my residency card and I decided to reapply with another pack of documents. Victoria was very precise about what docs do I need according to the new article and made a series of important advices. Finally I got my residency card! Thank you so much

Alina Shpakova

I had the privilege of working with Victoria whose expertise and dedication exceeded my expectations. She demonstrated a deep understanding about official procedures and other, provided personalized advice, and made complex information easy to understand. Her patience and professionalism were outstanding. Her support throughout the process made a challenging journey manageable and successful. I wholeheartedly recommend!

Marie Rodionova

What else can we assist with?

Documents check-up
Want to be sure your application, documents, and motivation letter are all in good shape? Double-check with us! 👉 D7/D2/D3/D4/90.2/88.2/89.2 👉 Digital Nomad visa


3 days
Virtual Asssitance
Residency Permit in Portugal 🇵🇹 with a virtual assistant. Unlimited chat with an immigration assistant.

Our experience

500+ clients
Tax consultation
Speak with a licensed lawyer with 15 years’ experience specialized in immigration and international taxation. She has always been working for foreign clients, with 99% success with online applications
30 minute
Personalised experience
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