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How to apply for Croatia Digital Nomads Visa

Let’s take a closer look at the Croatia Digital Nomad visa!

Some say that the “Game of Thrones” scenery made Croatia extremely popular among tourists and increased the country’s popularity in the digital nomad community. Maybe it’s true. But Croatia has to offer more than that. Stunning coastline, crystal-clear waters, picturesque towns, incredible internet speeds and low cost of living make this European country a good choice for remote workers.

The main minus: the visa is valid for only one year, and you can extend it only six months after the end of the previous residence permit. This visa suits you if you want to live in a new country for a year. If you want to get a residence at once for 2 or 3 years, choose the Digital Nomad Visa to Portugal or Spain.

Where can I apply?

You can apply for a Croatian Digital Nomadic visa online, in Croatia at the police station or in the country of your residency at the Croatian embassy or consulate.

What are the requirements?

👉 You are a remote worker, freelancer, or entrepreneur in the digital industry.
👉 You should earn 2.539,31 €/month or higher (2.5 average net salaries) or have 30.471,72€ in your banking account.

How Can I Apply?

Option #1 🌍 Online

To apply, visit the application page and fill in all the necessary fields. The required documents are the same as during the in-person application, which you can find below. Sometimes you may be asked to provide additional documents or information. Usually, it takes a month and a half to get your visa.

Option #2 📑 In-person

Step 1. Gather the documents

👉 Application form
👉 A photo 30x35 mm
👉 Passport (validity date should be 3 months longer than you intend to stay)
👉 Insurance for the period of stay
👉 Contract with your employer registrational information of your own company. In both cases, you should also prove your duties as a remote worker.
👉 A bank statement that proves your income or funds
👉 A clear criminal record
👉 Accommodation in Croatia (e.g. booking reservation, lease agreement)

You can provide documents in Croatian or English language.

Step 2. Apply for the visa

You can apply at the embassy/consulate of Croatia if you require a visa to enter the country. If you apply from Croatia, visit the nearest police station.

Step 3. Travel to Croatia

You should enter Croatia in 30 days after your visa issuance. You don’t need to if you are already there.

Step 4. Register your address

After you arrive in Croatia, you have 3 days to register your address at the police station. You must fill out the form  and provide lease agreement, statement from the owner or title deed. The landlord should visit the police station with you or notarize the documents.

Step 5. Issue a biometric residence permit

At the police station, you should provide your biometric data and apply for a residence permit. You also should pay the fees (described in the official instruction at the bottom of the page) and provide receipts.

Additional questions

Can I Bring My Family?

Yes, you can bring your family members through a family reunification visa. Each dependent increases the required finances for 10%.

Can I extend my residency?

Croatian Digital Nomad visa cannot be extended, and it’s the main limitation of this program. You can only apply for a new one 6 months after the previous one expires. However, you can switch to another type of residence permit (e.g. work, education).

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