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How to apply for NHR status in Portugal

To apply for Non-Habitual Resident (NHR) status with the Portuguese tax office follow these instructions
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June 12, 2023

Portugal's NHR tax regime lures new and former residents with tax benefits. It lasts 10 years and can be easily applied for on Portal das Finanças, the tax office website. This guide is for those seeking NHR registration in Portugal. Apply by March 31 of the subsequent tax year after becoming a resident.

If you become a resident in 2023, you have one more year – the deadline for you is March 2024.

NHR status gives you the opportunity to reduce the rate of foreign income and, in some cases, even to be exempt from it. The NHR allows you to pay only 20% on active income and 0% on dividends and passive foreign income. Of course, each case may have its own nuances - better to consult an expert.

Not everything happens quickly in Portugal. Don't put off applying – do it now! If you don't get your status in time, that opportunity will simply disappear. 

You can apply for the NHR yourself in your personal account on the tax portal. The second option is that we can apply for you. It will be online, remotely. If you need help, apply for the service here.

1. On your own

✅ Authorize on the tax website.

✅ Write "Residente Não Habitual" in the search box, go to that section, and select "Entregar," or just follow the link.

✅ Fill in the fields: year of application, country of citizenship.

The "NIF Mandatorio" field must be filled in if you have a representative – fill in his or her NIF.

✅ Click the Submeter button to submit your request.

✅ Agree to the terms and conditions and click on "Submeter" at the top of the page.

✅ On the next page, you will see a confirmation of your application, and you can download the PDF.

You can check the status of the application at the link - the answer is usually within 48 hours. 

The status of the application "Deferido" will mean that the application is approved.

If the application is rejected, you will need to provide additional documents and apply again.

2. With MigRun

We do everything for you. Fill out an application online and pay for the service. Generally, it takes 3 to 7 days to get your status.

✅ Check your NHR eligibility

You have to be a highly skilled professional. 

✅ Apply online
Fill out a short questionnaire and sign (remotely, online).

✅ Lawyer or accountant will turn to Finances

A lawyer or accountant from our platform will request an NHR for you.

✅ Expect good news from us

We will let you know when the status is approved. Usually, in 2-4 business days, the IRS will let you know if the NHR has been successfully received.

If this option is for you, go to this website page and leave an application – we'll help!

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