Germany's EU Blue Card program changes: what's new

And that's good news! Salary threshold to be lowered and bringing family over made easier
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April 12, 2024

The "Blue Card" is a visa granted to highly skilled professionals from non-EU countries, with simplified conditions. Currently, there are two main requirements for Germany blue card in 2024:Β 

  • a job offer from a German company with an annual salary of €58,400 or higher,Β 
  • and a field of work that aligns with the qualifications obtained from the diploma.

However, for professions that are in high demand in Germany, such as IT specialists, mathematicians, engineers, doctors, and other professionals facing shortages, the minimum salary threshold may be lowered.

Typically, the Blue Card in Germany is issued for the duration of the employment contract plus an additional three months, with a maximum validity of four years.

Recently, the German government has approved several changes to its immigration policies aimed at attracting more foreign workers. These changes include the introduction of a new job-seeker residence permit valid for three years, as well as the streamlining of bureaucratic procedures, including the facilitation of obtaining an EU Blue Card in Germany.


βœ… Salary threshold to be lowered

One of the significant changes in the revised regulations is lowering the salary threshold, which currently stands at €58,400 for a German Blue Card. However, the exact amount by which the salary threshold will be lowered has not been disclosed as of yet.


βœ… Reduced Professional Experience Requirements

The requirement for professional experience to obtain a Blue Card in Germany will be shortened. Previously, applicants had to provide evidence of relevant experience in the field for which they were offered a job in Germany. However, under the new rules for the Germany blue card, having a degree in the relevant field will be sufficient to apply for the permit.

Additionally, a lower minimum salary threshold for job starters with an academic degree will be established, making it easier for young professionals to enter the workforce. The draft law highlights that the minimum salary requirement will be even lower for this category of individuals than for those with experience.

According to the changes approved to the German immigration law, IT specialists can now obtain a Blue Card even if they do not have a university degree but can demonstrate certain non-formal qualifications.


βœ… Bringing family over and changing employers contract made easier

Another notable improvement that will be introduced with the updated Blue Card is the flexibility for non-EU citizens who work in Germany with the blue card to change employers within the country and those who hold a Blue Card issued by another EU member state.

The draft law includes provisions to simplify the process of changing employers for holders of an EU Blue Card and create regulations for those who possess a Blue Card issued by another EU country to exercise short- and long-term intra-EU mobility in Germany.

Additionally, bringing family members to Germany after 2023 with an EU Blue Card will be simplified, although further details are expected to be disclosed soon.


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