How to apply for Spain Startup Visa

Startup visa to Spain for entrepreneurs in the field of innovation
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November 20, 2023

The startup residency in 2023 is granted for three years to startup founders and their families (children, spouses, and parents).

This residence permit for startup founders and their family members is submitted in Spain and requires a small investment; and can also help in obtaining a permanent residence permit and Spanish citizenship. All you need is an innovative startup plan (the business may even be at the idea stage.).

There is a fee of 73.26 € for the examination of documents. In addition, insurance, a certificate of no criminal record, and a translation fee are required, which will cost no more than 300-600 €.

Main requirements

👉  You should have sufficient funds of €15120 in your account for one person (100% of IPREM)

👉  You can apply for a 1-year visa in your country (not valid now for RU) or apply for three years of residence permit in UGE-CE in Spain

👉 You should have a bank account opened in EU/US countries, but an account is Spanish bank is preferable

👉 You should prepare an innovative business plan with economic impact for Spain

👉  Business plan for an innovation project (read more in the guide)

👉 Professional experience combined with a start-up business plan

👉 No initial investment

👉 You can apply with a family, but you must show more income and deposit - €4200, 50% of IPREM for each family member

Read more
in the guide.

‍If you are a non-EU national and want to launch an innovative business of particular economic impact in Spain, you can apply for this visa according to law 14/2013 (residencia para emprendedores) and get residence for three years.

Business-plan is 90% of success

Follow these requirements:

👉 Describe your future business in detail, don't add many pictures. The main focus should be on business activity, the legal form of the company, the potential economic impact of the investment, planned activities of sales promotion, and strategy.

👉 Business-plan can be prepared in English; the format and number of pages don't matter, but we advise not to exceed 60.

Pay attention to the following steps and details

Ideas and perspectives 

Point out general info on Business activity to be carried out, start date, milestones like Q1 2023, location, expected legal form of the company (S.L. or other), the potential economic impact of the investment, description of the number of jobs that are estimated to be created and their functions and qualifications, planned promotional activities and sales strategy.

Describe your project and innovations.

Product or service description. Describe an existing problem, market need, and demand. Prove that your idea and the implementation will change the Spanish world. Describe the innovation aspect of your project.‍

Market analysis.

Market valuation, including anticipated growth, attractiveness, analysis of competitors, and identifying competitive advantages. Additionally, assessing potential customers, devising strategies to entice them, and analyzing supply and demand.


A necessary investment, sources of funding, and a financial plan. Contributing value to the economy of Spain. Possibilities for innovation and investment. Any obtained public funding within the past few years.

The applicant's role is significant too. Prepare your professional profile and CV and explain your involvement in the project and the position that you will occupy in the company's organizational chart. Add your LinkedIn - profiles of the founders and project profiles.
Irina Degtiareva, immigration assistant

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  • Writing a business plan and preparing documents (14 days);
  • Arrival in Spain and uploading documents online;
  • Review of documents (about 60-90 days);
  • Obtaining a residence permit (about 4-5 weeks).

Main advantages of the start-up visa

  1. No initial investment;
  2. Fast processing time (about three months);
  3. Right to work in Spain for all those with a residence permit who are over 21 and under 61 years old;
  4. Suitable for families;
  5. Renewal of residence permits is based on realistic criteria.


What documents do you need?

Step 1. Scan all pages of your passport, order a certificate of criminal record

Step 2. Bank Statement (balance statement)

The amount for yourself + dependent family members (partner and children)

The bank statement should be on a Spanish bank, but it is okay to attach any EU, US, or UK banks. 

Step 3. Insurance: terms + contract

Step 4. Paid fee

Step 5. Questionnaire completed -


Step 6. Non-criminal certificate

A certificate of no criminal record with an apostille from the countries where you have lived for the last five years

Step 7. Business Plan

Step 8. Legality of being in Spain Boarding pass or declaration of entry from the police (Declaracion de Entrada)

Step 9. [optional] Power of Attorney (printed, signed in pen) – if someone else loads the documents


  • Filled-in form - Familiar (printed, signed in pen, signature as in passport)
  • Paid fee
  • Marriage certificate (jurado) + Declaration of the validity of the marriage (one PDF)
  • Scan all pages of passport
  • Bank Statement (money may be in the main applicant's account,in the partner's account)
  • Insurance - terms + contract (partner should be included in the main applicant's insurance)
  • Certificate of criminal record (apostille + Jurado translation)
  • Boarding pass or declaration of entry (Declaracion de Entrada) (if entered by car; border crossing country not Spain; many stamps or stamps not visible). The proof of your being legally in Spain (for the applications within the country)
  • Power of Attorney (printed, signed with a pen) - if the documents are uploaded by someone else. If the family member uploads with his/her signature - a power of attorney from each family member for him/her


  • Form completed - Familiar
  • Paid fee
  • Birth certificate (Jurado translation)
  • passport scan
  • Bank statement (The money must be in the applicant's account)
  • Insurance - terms + contract (child must be on the principal applicant's insurance)
  • The legality of entry to Spain
  • Power of Attorney (printed, signed in pen by one of the parents listed on the child's form under Representante Legal, en su caso) - if the documents are uploaded by someone else. If uploaded by a frontman with his signature, a power of attorney from each family member for him.

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