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How to open a bank account in Portugal

Portugal is an easy country for non-EU residents to open a bank account

Portugal is an easy country for non-EU residents to open a bank account. A local bank account can make life much easier if you plan to live in Portugal. Pay for many services is much more convenient with a local card, the bank's mobile app, or the MBWay app. Portugal is one of the easiest countries to open a bank account for a non-resident in the EU.

When applying for many types of D visas, an account is necessary to deposit money and demonstrate sufficient savings to live in the country.

No one can guarantee that a particular bank will open your account. However, we can advise on how to increase your chances.

Step 1. Prepare the necessary documents


1. Passport or ID-card

2. NIF

Portuguese tax number. You can get it in person at the tax offices or with our help online. Read more here.

3. Proof of address in your home country.

A sim card delivery note, foreign bank statement, and customs forms will be ok. It must be in English or Portuguese.

4. Proof of address in Portugal.

5. Proof of profession/employer of all account holders dated less than one year (translated into Portuguese)

6. Foreign taxpayer official document (translated into Portuguese)

Also, bring €150-250 in cash to deposit into the new account.


Step 2: Visit the bank


You can come to any bank, get a ticket for consultation with the manager and inform them that you want to open an account as a non-resident. The manager will make an application.

Some of the most popular banks in Portugal are:

  • Caixa Geral de Depositos
  • Banco Santander Totta
  • Novo Banco
  • ActivoBank Portugal
  • Caixa Central de Crédito Agrícola


Is it possible to open a bank account online for foreigners? It all depends on your nationality. Most banks insist on a personal visit to the bank. In some cases, it is possible if you make a power of attorney to a representative in Portugal.


Step 3: Opening an account


That's it. You should be walking out of the branch in 10-15 minutes with a new debit card in your hand.

Sometimes a bank needs time to send your application to head office. As soon as they get a decision, they will contact you.


Can you open a Portuguese bank account for non residents and expats remotely?

Yes, in some cases, particularly with a power of attorney. Contact us, and we will study your case and let you know if we can help.

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