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How to get a Portuguese NIF for non-residents

The NIF is a Portuguese tax number and the first thing you should get if you plan to immigrate to Portugal.

The NIF (Número de Identificação Fiscal) is a Portuguese tax number and the first thing you should get if you plan to immigrate to Portugal. Whether you will study, work or start your own company here. A NIF is a universal number you need when applying for any documents. The NIF number need for more often than the passport number.

There are different ways to get your NIF number depending on if you are an EU/EEA citizen or not, whether you’re applying remotely or in person. You can get a NIF yourself and for free in Portugal. Or you can get it online if you are in another country. The service does not cost more than €100-120 usually.

What is a NIF?

NIF is Número de Identificação Fiscal, but also Número de Contribuinte. The NIF consists of 9 digits, the combination of which is unique to each person. 

Why is the NIF needed?

The NIF in Portugal acts as an identifier. The NIF replaces your passport number in many cases. You need your NIF if you sign a rental agreement, open a bank account, apply for a social security number and register your child for school. Just to name a few.

Who gets a NIF tax number in Portugal?

If you are not a resident of Portugal, you can get a NIF. If you are moving as a family, your children will also need a NIF.  Want to know how to make NIF in Portugal (get finance number)?

You will need the following documents:

  • A copy of your passport or id
  • Proof of address outside of Portugal, from your "home country" (a bank statement will do)

How do you get a NIF number in Portugal?

1. Getting your NIF in person

The default way of getting a NIF number is to go to your closest Finanças (Portuguese tax office) and apply for it in person. This path is completely free. Non-EU/EEA residents used to need a tax representative in order to apply for and maintain a NIF. But from July 2022 this is no longer needed, but it can still make the process of obtaining the NIF easier.

Step one: Find your closest Finanças.
Just search for your closest one on Google Maps. If you live in central Lisbon, your department can have long wait times. You can go to any other branch, even a branch that is in a small town where there may not be a queue.

Step two: Get address proof from your "home country".
Just bring a bank statement that lists your non-Portuguese address in English or Portuguese language (it must contain your name and your full address.

Step three: Visit Finanças.
Bring your address proof and ID to Finanças. And do not remember to bring your passport or a national ID card.

Step four: Get your NIF.
Select "NIF" or "consult with manager" on the electronic queue board. Let them know that you want to register for a NIF. Most of the staff will speak at least basic English, so you'll be fine even without a translator. But if not, use a Google translator or Deepl for communication.

Step five: Get your password and login into your account on the tax office portal.
Let them know that you need to password and login into your account on the tax office portal. You will have the opportunity to change it online into your account later.

2. How to apply for NIF number in Portugal remotely and online? 

You can get a NIF before you arrive in Portugal to save time to solve other problems, rent an apartment, or open a bank account. The NIF process takes 3 to 10 business days, depending on the type of service. We can be your representative and get a NIF for you.

Step one: Go to the ordering page.
You will have to upload a copy of your passport or ID card and proof of address. And also, send a power of attorney document that you will need to sign before the process can start.

Step two: Pay for NIF
Pay €89 or €120 without extra services.

Step three: Fill out a form with e-sign.
Fill out a small form and upload it:

  • The first page of your international passport
  • Proof of address in your country (for example, a bank statement showing your address or utility bill)

Step four: Get your NIF.
We will send NIF and will get you. The lawyer will give the documents and be a tax representative for one year. We will keep you informed of the process.

Step five: Get a password for your personal tax office account.
We will send you a NIF and instructions on requesting your password from the tax office. After that, we will send a password within ten days.How to update your Portugal NIF address on Portal das Finanças. When you become a resident, you can change your address to Portuguese and cancel your tax representative online on the Portal das Finanças.

Photo: Artem Zhukov

Get NIF remotely and online
Having a NIF is essential if you want to open a bank account, rent an apartment, pay taxes, and engage in various other activities
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